Posted by: Adrienne | July 26, 2010

Nom nom nom…

Work and work and work.  Work has eated up my time lately.  If I hated my work this would be a bad thing.  But the work I am working on is for starting a new business that will allow me to ditch the cleaning work so I can do the work that I have fun doing.  Of course, hiring a cleaner and getting her to work cleaning houses is a lot of work!

Here are a couple of Dane-ish (Great) collars that went out in the mail today.  Oops!  I guess I didn’t upload both photos, you’ll just have to look at one.

A collar for Zephyr

This is a very simple collar.  Some of the stuff I make is a bit wild.  My designs are my own.  Of course, there are only so many ways to put together a collar or a martingale leash set, “form follows function” and all that.  And if I see something I like (a particular detail) on something I’m not above incorporating/borrowing/stealing/copying it.

Last Sunday I did a photo shoot out on a farm in Wisconsin at the invitation of a very nice lady (and fantabulous photograper).  The plan was to have about 15 dogs.  We ended up with 30.  Mind you, no one got “paid”.  Everyone gets one print of their dog and a collar-leash set.  And the opportunity to get out to some of the prettiest country in the Midwest.   Miraculously, every dog got shot.  I am still waiting on the editing, eagerly.

And now I have to make twenty more sets, make lots of sets to sell on August 7th and 8th as well as the following weekend.  Then there is purchasing and building the website, purchasing and updating business software, oh — and musn’t forget all the contracts to write up for the cleaner, house detail sheets and getting keys cut.

Nom nom nom — summer is getting eaten up quickly!

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