Posted by: Adrienne | July 15, 2010

Farewell Sozay

Meet Kaiser! This is the dog my sister will be taking home from the litter.  I haven’t seen Larz this excited about anything for a long, long time. 

I mentioned in “Phooey” that my sister had to have her dog put down, or was going to.   I did not give the whole story, nor will I here.  Suffice it to say that her constant companion of seven years (Sozay was six when Megan got her) was in constant pain.  She had a neurological disease that runs in Shepard lines.  At Christmas we thought she would be gone in a week.  But she kept rallying.  For Megan’s sake. 

But it was all getting to be too much.  The heartbreaker was that this dog was as alert as ever mentally.  Her body was just betraying her.  She had to be put down…  So Megan kept saying and couldn’t bring herself to do it.

*If you do not believe in a spiritual aspect to life stop reading here.  You will only strain your credulity and possibly think I am nuts.  Since this is my blog I do not care if you think I am nuts and will write what we experienced anyhow.

A friend of ours suggested “Why not help her find a new puppy body?”  Why not indeed?  And so we looked.  And looked.  And looked.  We needed a German Shepard who was pregnant or nearly so and whose breeder would understand we were trying to bring back Sozay and give Megan first pick.  We needed sound lines with good temperments.  And affordable. 

Well, we didn’t find it.  Not even close.

Then an idea hit me.  Here we had a litter-on-the-way.  With a sympathetic breeder, and a reservation on the list.  Why not? 

This was a labor of love on many fronts.  The breeder was totally on board and willing to help Megan find Sozay even though she came in last minute.   This was too important to me; I told the breeder that if there weren’t enough pups that I wanted Megan to take my place on the list, knowing that it could very well mean that I didn’t get a pup. We employed the help of an Animal Communicator (and I will never scoff at these people again, openly or otherwise) and arrangements were made.  Sozay was put down.  And then we waited…

Lots of things happened.  No less than three animal communicators have been involved with this litter, and that’s just the professional ones.  Some really amazing stories could be told.  A lot of heart and soul went into finding Sozay again.  With all this on the line, I never really wrote about Sozay.  Never really said farewell.   Didn’t feel like she was ever really lost.

But my sister lost her closest companion.  Kaiser (she is a “he” now) will be my nephew’s dog.  Because he needs this.  Because Kaiser wants it that way. 

So now it is time to say farewell.  A fond farewell to the loyal dog who was always there.  Who stood by Megan’s side and kept her safe for many years.  To the dignified and regal German Shepard that she was.

Farewell Sozay.  The best of dogs.

Though we have found you again, it is anew.  This shape, this life, are gone.  It will be missed.  We loved you and love you still.   From sad times we have come and into happier days may we be going.  We love you, Dear and bid you farewell. 

With all our hearts we wish you farewell!


  1. Yep, definitely crying. And thinking back too, to all the nights I curled up next to her in her bed and cried my eyes out into her fur so I could remember her smell, her wiry wolf hairs, her silky ears, her pretty feet, big nose, gorgeous eyes. After it was enough, she would give a big snort and kiss my face. 🙂

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