Posted by: Adrienne | June 24, 2010

And the circuit blew…

Oh, I could cry.  I really really could.  If I was any good at it.  Fact is that when I want to have a good cry I have to rent a heartrending movie to get the waterworks going.  And then watch it with no one else home.

But I digress.  In my garage lives a freezer. Purchased last fall for $10.  Humped into the back of garage.  And then loaded chock full of free venison sraps and bones.  Well, almost free, except for the 40 min one-way trip to the “local” fella who does all his buddy’s deer proccessing.  I mean, this thing is six feet tall, four feet wide and four feet deep.   I put 50-80 lbs of just trim in there, solid meat.  And I think the bones (with lots of yummy meat on them still) of 10 deer. 

I have been rationing the venison, taking carcasses out one at a time.  I had it all planned out to make it last till next fall.  What really kills me is that just last week I was going to take out the last 40 lb bag of trim and thaw it and portion it all out into quart sized bags.  I got too busy and figured I’d do it later AND NOW IT’S ALL STINKY AND GROSS!

 I so could cry. 

My dog’s favorite food in the whole wide world is venison.  And I have a puppy on the way. What the hell am I going to feed him now? 

The freezer is plugged back in.  Have to freeze the stuff to bring the smell down to even unload it.  I know dogs can eat stuff that would make a human very sick.  I’m wondering if anything will be salvageable.  And if I’ll be abe to stand the reek of feeding it if it is.  Ugh.

And the real pisser is that I am back to square one on stocking up.  If I can’t trust my garage freezer I don’t have the space to stuff whole carcasses.  Since people don’t want to store the bones they give them away.  Lot’s of good meat on them usually.

This totally sucks.

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