Posted by: Adrienne | June 18, 2010

Number Nine

Sinco had her pups last night!  Starting at 9:30 or so, seven pups by 11:30 and then the last two delivered at 2:00 am.  The first seven share a birthday with their dam.  How cool is that?

The breeder is putting puppy photos here:

And the web cam here:

I have no idea which (if any) of the pups is “mine.”  This is very much going to be a hands-on litter.  I go to meet them for the first time on Sunday.  The breeder is very much wanting good matches between pups and homes.  Over the next two months thigs should resolve out as to which pups are going home with which humans.

My sister is also getting a pup from this litter.  Sibling fun!


  1. My vote is for #7 😉

  2. He’s going to be striking!

    Just from these pics I’m going to keep and eye on him and #3. I competely retain the right to backpedal at any time! 😉

    The little #5 girl is sitting *exactly* the way Sozay always did. My sister really wants to meet this little girl!

  3. So tiny!

  4. UPDATE:

    The pups all have homes and will be going to them next week. As you may know from a later post, Kaiser is going home with my sister. Out of all the possible candidates. I was not a good match for any of the pups. So I will have to content myself with spoiling Kaiser rotten!

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