Posted by: Adrienne | June 17, 2010

One dog Two dog

This is Sinco about a week ago.  She was very pregnant.  From the ultrasound she is expecting  nine, count’em nine puppies.



She was looking pretty uncomfortable at this point. I can only imagine the past week!  

Am I done yet?


      I currently have two rescue dogs, both from the Golden Valley shelter in Minnesota.  I will probably always have a rescue dog (or two) around.  But when I heard Sinco was being bred I had this niggling thought that if I was ever going to get a puppy, this would be the dam and the breeder I would want to get one from.

      The more I looked into it the more I liked it.   The biggest step was talking to Tony. He thinks I’m a bit loony to get another dog.  But he’ll play along, if I get a male.  A female is out of the question.  Fortunately for him both the breeder and another dog person I have consulted concur.  Bringing a young male into a household with two grown and established females is more likely to work out. 



But I would really love a little red female.

Wouldn’t that make my trio complete?

One dog, two dog...



  1. I’m so happy!

    What a gorgeous Aussie, Lou Lou has a brother named Cookiedough that looks alot like Sinco.
    I can’t wait to see the puppy photos.

    P.S. I didn’t have any trouble bringing in one more female.

  2. I do think age is a factor. Emma is five and a half, Zoey is three. Both are established.

    Your three are close in age? And Maggie was only two when you brought in BB, right?

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