Posted by: Adrienne | June 7, 2010

Clean smells like lemons…

For those who don’t know, my “day job” is cleaning houses.  A rather contradictory job to be sure.  On the one hand I am a business owner with excellent client relations and skills.  On the other, well I scrub toilets — for $30 an hour.

Anyhoo.  For health reasons (mine mostly) I use non-toxic cleaning products.  Most have very little scent.  What scent they do have is essential oils.  Some of the all-natural stuff can have pretty overpowering scents.  I don’t use those.  They make me sneeze.  

Now, one of my clients was used to the traditional cleaners.  She also has one of those plug in-diffusers in every room of the house.  Gah.  By the end of the day I couldn’t smell a skunk if it sprayed me.  In the first month of my cleaning there I got a phone call.  “The house looks clean,” she says, “but it doesn’t smell clean.” 


It’s clean.  It shouldn’t smell like anything.  (Thinks I.)  What does this woman think “clean” smells like? 

She goes on, “Lemon is natural.  Isn’t there a natural cleaner with a lemon scent?”

So there you have it.  Clean smells like lemons.



  1. OH MY GOD! Ha!

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