Posted by: Adrienne | May 31, 2010


Well, I can honestly say this has been the worst Memorial Day weekend I can remember.  And though the holiday is not about me, this blog is.  So you will kindly overlook any selfishness this might seem to present.

Friday we put down my sister’s dog, Sozay.  Yesterday we spent the day at Tony’s brother’s place with the family, going through the remainder of his mom’s things.  That was emotionally rough.  And now today I spent the day with my sister cleaning things out of my mom’s house since she is going to have another surgery Thursday.  Five new breaks in her spine since January.  I believe this brings the total up to thirteen.

So, yah.  Worst Memorial Day e-v-e-r. 



  1. Man, that’s a rough few days. 😦 Here’s hoping for better times to come.

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