Posted by: Adrienne | May 20, 2010

Emma got fat

It happened sometime over the winter.  We got lots of venison scraps and bones from a local hunter who also does processing.  Venison is apparently a very rich meat.   And I might have gotten a bit generous with the portions.   When I took her to the vet a couple of months ago my 14.5 pound dog was 17.2 pounds.  Yikes!

She declined to sit for photos.

Are you serious? You just called me fat. And you want me to show it off?

After cutting her food back to 80% of her normal rations and only getting part of the weight off, I believe I have found something that works.  Instead of feeding her “starvation rations” I have taken her normal amount for two days (about 10 oz) and split it into 7 oz one day and 3 oz the next.  A list member wrote about doing something similar with her dog to take the weight off.

It seems to be working.  Hopefully some pictures of her slim again coming soon!


  1. Pleasantly plump 🙂

    She just wants an excuse to take some nice long walks.

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