Posted by: Adrienne | April 12, 2010

It’s all about the ribbons, right?

Firstly, I wish to heartily thank TDAA (that’s Teacup Dog Agility Association) Judge Rachelle Jensen.  She is one of the nicest and most thoughtful judges I have ever had the pleasure to run under.  All day I saw her go out of her way in the interest and well-being of the running teams.  And without slowing down the trial one bit!

Emma and I had five runs Easter Sunday.  Three standard and two games.  It was a most interesting day.  I’d forgotten how itty bitty Teacup courses really are.  There’s hardly any room to move!  Consequently I found myself running much closer in to the Emma’s line than we are used to, which in turn seemed to throw her off.  When I gave it a chance and was able to back off we did much better.  A few “distance” challenges we were able to take in stride.  Just to prove we have made progress!

The days upshot was one Q on Standard and Qs in both games.  The games Qs earned us her TG-II (Teacup Games II) title.  I figured our Intermediate title was in the bag for the day.  After all, we only needed two Standard Qs to earn it.  But I forgot that in Teacup there can be no faults for a Q in Standard.  The run has to be clean.  One bounce on/off/on the table nixed one otherwise pretty run.  And a missed dogwalk contact did for the other.  In all fairness to Emma, she stayed on the dogwalk well into what normally would have been the contact zone, on the longer boards!

For me they day was a huge success.  And I’m happiest about some of the runs that didn’t qualify.  For some time now I have had the goal of having nice smooth runs.  I so admire the teams I watch that can do this routinely and seek to emulate them.  I do not want to “just get by somehow”.  Grace and finesse are what I aspire to.  Any run of ours that has these qualities is wonderful to me.  We must be getting closer, since the judge gave me a very nice compliment on our teamwork!

So Emma’s “full name” is now Emma GS-N, RS-N, JS-E, T-BAD, TG-II

Not bad for a mutt from the pound!

"Yep, it was a long day. So we're just going to catch a few Zs now, k?"


  1. Congratulations Emma GS-N, RS-N, JS-E, T-BAD, TG-II

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