Posted by: Adrienne | February 19, 2010

To let a dog be a dog…

Back to work with Emma this week.  Our class now is a bit cut back.  Sequences of 8-10 obstacles, each sequence exploring one or two tricky aspects of a course.  I find this sort of a breakdown to be most helpful.  Exploring each of two or three different ways to move through a segment of a course.  Doing a full course in a trial then becomes simply a matter of stringing  several of these together.
I do need to get some physical work done for Emma.  She has a subluxation in her back, what chiropractors fix, and maybe a rib out.  I know from my own self that these things hurt!  I’m going to have to scrabble the funds together before I enter her in competition again in March.

Hot laundry, she loves hot laundry.

Then there’s the Zoey dog.  After wrestling with this one for a few weeks I have decided not to do formal agility training with her.  There are a lot of very sound, logical reasons behind this, none of which really matter a hoot.  The bottom line is, it’s just not her.  She is my cuddle dog, my play dog, my ever-happy companion who is quite content to be just that.  She loves to do things with me.  She loves to learn.  I will continue to teach her agility games, minus the big contact equipment, in the backyard.  I might even start learning Rally-Obedience.  But if I do it will probably be from an e-book and practicing at home.  No competition, no stress.  Just fun and games for her and me.

And letting her be the best darn lapdog possible.


  1. That’s a great photo!

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