Posted by: Adrienne | February 13, 2010

You know it’s warming up when…

snow falls.  And falls.  And falls.  No really, in Minnesota it actually gets too cold for weeks on end to even consider snowing.  Now that it’s a balmy 30 degrees or so we are getting some snow. 

My lilacs in March a few years back.

At least the sun is returning.  Late winter always makes me appreciate how the ancient pagans felt about things.  Right about the end of January I’m ready to burn some trees in offering just on the off chance evil things will keep my sun from coming back.

And of course with the sun the piles of snow melt by day.  Tonight the whole city was shrouded in a mauve mist.  Fog was rolling and eddying through the streets.  Quite beautiful.  For anyone who doesn’t know, melting snow smells good.  It’s an early, early spring smell.

In a couple of months it might even warm up too much to snow.

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