Posted by: Adrienne | January 6, 2010

Winter Work

Back to class!  Thank goodness, since Emma was ready to climb the walls out of boredom and the enforced inactivity that sub-freezing temperatures bring this time of year.

I have Zoey in a class for the first time in over a year.  I have been leary of starting her in agility for several reasons.  Firstly, the cost.  Running one dog is expensive enough.  Two… yikes!  Secondly, her build.  She is not a very tall dog, around 12″ and longer than she is tall. And with the way one of her front legs is put together I just haven’t been sure if she can physically handle it.  And lastly, her tempermant.  She is a very sweet, laid-back dog.  The penultimate lap dog actually.  She loves to play and cuddle.  She enjoys a good romp, loves to go on walks.  But doesn’t go stir-crazy if we can’t get out.  She also is terrible if I leave her alone in a crate while I train Emma.  So I haven’t seen it as possible to bring both to a trial.

Nevertheless, I decided to take her to a Foundations class.  This should be all really basic material.  Almost totally groundwork, no obstacles.  I figure that working these types of excercises with her could be fun and benefit our relationship.  And it will give me a chance to see if she seems to enjoy agility-type work. 

If I do end up running her I could stick exclusively to Teacup.  The smaller A-frame, dogwalk and teeter seem much more suited to her size and build.  Teacup equipment and courses look downright cute next to their bigger cousins.  Right up until you start running in competition, then they look a bit more challenging!

Having Zoey in class has an additional benefit.  Annelise gave us “homework” (!) and expects us to be working the basic exercises in between classes.  Mostly this is simple target work.  Strangely enough though, some of it I have never taught to Emma.  I mostly had other, more pressing, issues that I was working on with her. (Little things like getting her to not go ballistic on another dog running in class.)  So this gives me the opportunity to fill in some gaps, working both dogs through the foundation steps. 

After all, it’s not like we can play in the yard right now!

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