Posted by: Adrienne | December 2, 2009

Black Friday

What I do on Black Fridays...

The day after Thanksgiving I counted my lucky stars that I was not battling lines of shoppers bound and determined to get the best deal.  I was not being hustled and jogged by throngs at the Mall.  I did not get up at five nor yet three a.m.. 

Indeed no.  Instead, I sat and reflected on how fortunate I was.  After all, the arena was heated to at least 55 degrees.  A vast improvement over last year’s temperatures.  I was able to get my usual corner spot for crating.  And I would be entering new levels of competition today.  What could be better?

I have often thought that those who pursue the sport of canine agility must be slightly mad, or obsessed.  After all, what could induce one to get up quite early, pack the car and head off to what is inevitably six or eight hours of waiting, in all weathers, punctuated only by briefs moments of glory or disaster? Mad.

But this is what I do for fun.  And the common obsession makes almost everyone at the competition a new friend.  It doesn’t matter that we forget each other’s names (but never the dog’s!) Every time there is a trial we gather together to share triumphs and some good laughs. 

Emma and I ran six runs today.  One was spectacular, our first Jumpers run.  Another was also quite pleasing.  Two were acceptable, though we didn’t qualify.  And of course, we had two that were complete disasters.  Pretty much par for the course with us.  No new titles today.  But we are sure to earn our Elite Jumpers at the next trial.

And a special thanks to the judge, though he may never read this, for taking the time to let my dog know that he wasn’t really as scary as she thought he was.


  1. Great post, sounds like a lot of fun!

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